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Vaisala Laser Ceilometer CL31 Training

The CL31 operator training class is a 2 day course that will provide the students with the knowledge and technical skills to operate, maintain and service the unit. This includes theoretical operation of the unit, installation and configuration, faults identification, module troubleshooting and replacement.

    Course Details

     Course Details

    Who should attend this Course?

    The course is aimed at any technician or engineering staff that will maintain or operate the CL31.

    Benefits of Attending

    The main benefits of attending are:

    • The trainee will learn the basic overview of the CL31 operation.
    • Plenty of hands-on exercises will be available to the students during the training.
    • The trainee will learn troubleshooting techniques that will allow him/her to identify a problem and follow the necessary steps to fix it quickly which will minimize down time.
    • The trainee will have full assistance from the trainer at all times during the hands-on training.

    Further details and course requirements

    We only allow a maximum of 8 trainees per course. The course is taught in English and requires hands-on practice. If the training course is to occur at a customer's premises we require full and uninterrupted access to the CL31 throughout the duration of the training course and also we will require a classroom with whiteboard and projection facilities.

    It is recommended, but not essential, that students attending this course are of a technician level or have experience with similar products.

    Course Content

     Course Content

    DAY 1

    • Vaisala Introduction
    • Training overview
    • Introduction to CL31
      • CL31 key features
      • LIDAR operating principle
      • Single lens optics
      • Cloud determination logic
    • Sky Condition Algorithm (optional)
    • Installation with hands-on
    • Hardware units with hands-on
    • Communication with hands-on
      • Data messages interpretation
      • Line connections
    • Commands Descriptions with hands-on

    DAY 2

    • Maintenance & Service with hands-on
      • Troubleshooting and repair
      • Alarms and warnings interpretation
    • Hands-on exercises
      • Instrument settings change
      • Replacing Laser Transmitter CLT321
      • Replacing Receiver CLR321
      • Replacing Engine Board CLE321
      • Removing CLO321
      • Replacing Window Blower CLB311-115/CLB311-230
      • Replacing Internal Heater CLH311-115/CLH311-230
      • Replacing Battery 4592
    • CL-View Training with hands-on